Ultramarathon Regulations


24th of june 2018. Hours:  9:00 – 19:30


The event’s aim is to popularize mountain running, active tourism and promotion of the Giant Mountains. Our intention outside sports competitions for ultra-marathoners, is to involve athletes’ families and their friends into running.


Szkoła Zdobywców HORYZONT.

Partner of the competition is  the municipality of Karpacz , Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian voivodeship, Rotary Club Karkonosze and Karkonoska Mountain Rescue Group



tel .: 696 437 545,  605 112 240


The competition office will be located in the Sports and Entertainment Hall,  48 Konstytucji 3-go Maja Street in Karpacz. Registration will take place at the competition office on the 23rd of June 2018. from 5p.m. to 9p.m., and on the 24th of July 2017, from 7:00a.m. to 8:00a.m.


The competition will be held in three different distances. All athletes start from

city center, at the Sports and Entertainment Hall – 48 Konstytucji 3-go Maja Street in Karpacz, at 9.20 a.m. At 9.00 start World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships. Finish takes place in the starting point. The competition ends at 7:30 p.m., then the official award ceremony will take place. Routes will be marked on the way and in places of changing the route. Competitors also will receive a maps with drawn routes. Distances:

  1. MINI (17 km, height difference +/- 1000m) – the goal is reaching the top  of Śnieżka Mountain  once and the return to the center. The time limit for this distance is 10 hours. LIMIT OF PARTICIPANTS – 250 people START: the center of Karpacz – Krucze Rocks – with black trail through the Sowia valley to the Sowia Pass – further the black trail next to Jelenka Hostel to the Jubileuszowa Road  – the peak of Śnieżka Mountain – the Jubileuszowa Way (blue trail) to the House of Silesia  Dom Śląski – nutritional point) – black trail (Śląska Way) to Kopa – Biały Jar – Lower Station Chairlift to Kopa (Rozdroże Łomnickie) – city center – the META
  2. MEDIUM (33 km, height difference +/- 2000m) – is based on double reaching of the top of Śnieżka Mountain. The time limit for this distance a total of 7 hours. LIMIT OF PARTICIPANTS – 300 people. START: the first part of the route runs identically to at a distance of MINI,    the limit to beat this part is 3 hours, the time will be measured in place of the start /finish, the line that should be reached, then: city center – Rozdroże Łomnickie – red trail to the “Nad Łomniczką ” Hostel- along the red trail through Kocioł Łomniczki – House of Silesia (Dom Śląski –  nourishing point) –  black trail (switchback) to the top of Śnieżka Mountain – Jubileuszowa Road (blue trail ) to the House of Silesia (nutritional point) – black trail (Silesia Road) to Kopa – Biały Jar – Lower Station Chairlift to Kopa (Rozdroże Łomnickie) – city center – the META.
  3. ULTRA (57 km, height difference +/- 3000m) – is based on reaching three times the top of Śnieżka Mountain. The time limit for this distance is 10 hours.  Competitor has a limit of 3 hours for feet and second stage. LIMIT OF PARTICIPANTS – 300 people. Routes for a distance of MINI and MEDIUM must be completed. Time will be measured at the start / finish line. The final stage is to get Śnieżka for the third time: city center – Rozdroże Łomnickie – yellow trail (former toboggan run) – Strzecha Akademicka – Silesia House

(Dom Śląski – nutritional point), black trail  (switchbacks) to the top of Śnieżka  – Jubileuszowa Road (blue trail) to the House of Silesia (Dom Śląski – nutritional point) – black trail (Silesia Road) to Kopa – Biały Jar – Lower Station Chairlift on Kopa (Rozdroże Łomnickie) – city center – the META.


On the route there will be checkpoints where  your starting number must be given for judges. They will be at the following locations:

– Start / finish

–  “Jelenka” Hostel

– Śnieżka

– House Silesia (Dom Śląski)

– Kopa – “Nad Łomniczką” Hostel

– Strzecha Akademicka.


Time will be measured at the place START / FINISH, and on the peak of Śnieżka Mountain. Competitors who do not arrive before intermediate or finished time limits will not be ranked on the run, they should stop running and follow the instructions of the service crew. If the competitor does not behave according to commands of service crew competitor, in case of a rescue operation, can be charged with its costs, and Organiser stops to be liable for the participant.


There will be two nutritional  points: at the Silesia House (Dom Śląski) Hostel and in the center of Karpacz at the Start / finish point where we provide drinks and food (fruit, biscuits). Moreover competitors can use on their own with bars situated in hostels.


A participant of the ultra-marathon “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc”, can be any person who is a minimum age of eighteen years on the day of the event. The exception is the run on a distance of MINI, where there is no age limit, but persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by adult which takes full responsibility for them. All competitors must be registered in the Competition Office. All competitors must be registered in the Competition Office. The runner must have the ID and mandatory equipment. Competitors coming for registration must sign a declaration that compete on their own responsibility and that they do not occur in any health contraindications to participate in the mountain marathon. Otherwise, the competitor will not be allowed to take part in the marathon. Moreover before the competition, each competitor will be required to sign the relevant statements about the knowledge of  Ultramaratonu “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc” Regulations, the provisions in force of  Karkonoski National Park and traffic rules on public roads. In the case of minors, appropriate declarations is signed by the maintainer. Competitors must submit for their registration personally.


1) Applications will be accepted from 23rd of February 2015 until the day of the event or reaching the limit of participants.

2)   A properly filled an application form

available at: ,and paying a fee on given account within 7 days from the date of registration is considered as a correct APPLICATION.


– For the distance MINI – 90 PLN adults, children and adolescents under 18 years of age – 50 PLN

– For the distance MEDIUM – 160 PLN

– For the distance ULTRA – 180 PLN


After the 5th of June 2018 the entry fee for all distances is 200 PLN! Payments should be made within 7 days after registration. After this time competitor which has not paid the entry fee is automatically deleted from the start list.

With the entry fee at any distance, residents of Karpacz are exempted and rescuers Mountain Rescue.

ADDITIONALY FOR EVERYONE WHO IS WILLING CAN BE ORDERED (WITH THE PAYMENT OF THE FEE)   T-SHIRT WITH THE LOGOTYPE OF THE RACE – for an extra fee of 60 PLN / PCS. While making the payment We add to the amount of the registration fee 60 PLN and point the size of T-shirts on registration form!

We do not refund the shirts. However, we can send it by courier or post.


There is NO possibility of transfering payments to another competitor or date

 Resignation and refund of entry fee

  •  resignation from participation in competitions until 31.01. 2018 r. refund 70%
  • resignation from participation in competitions until 31.03. 2018 r. refund 50%
  • resignation from participation in competitions until 31.05. 2018 r. refund 20%

Resignation from participation in competitions after 31.05.2018 r.  – The Organiser does not return the payment !

4) Maintainer person / persons under 18 years of age, taking part in the race over the distance MINI, you must be a registered participant of the course and pay the entry fee.

5) Once you have registered the application and entry in the accounts the fee, the data of the Participant will be published on the start list of the ultramaratonu.

6) Starting number of a Participant will be assigned randomly after the registration of an application and entry in the accounts the fee.

7) Applications will only be accepted until the limit of places for specific distances.

8) The entry fee can be made in the form of transfers from traditional and internet banks to organizer’s account and with cash payments in the Competition Office. With the bank transfer, be sure to select a title of the fee: name of the distance + Name / Surname + (optionally) T-shirt. The entry fee for competition shall be paid into the account: 28 1020 4128 0000 1302 0062 7703  Szkoła Zdobywców Horyzont, 58-540 Karpacz. Organiser does not take responsibility for the deadlines of bank transfers and postal services. The only criterion of acceptance of payments is the date of receipt of payment to the bank account of the Organiser.

9) The fee is not valid if a Participant has not been registered if it was made after the deadline or if it was brought after reaching the limit of participants.

10) The Organiser does not return the payment to the person who has not started or has not completed the run.

11) A Participant may change the distance at which he is going to start. When a change followed from a longer distance to a shorter, organiser does not return the difference in the amount of the entry fee. However, in the case where the distance was changed from shorter to longer, the runner is required to make a payment on organiser’s account for alignment the differences in the entry fee with a note in the title transfer “change of route”. Change of the route must be held no later than 14 days before the competition starts.

12) Skrócenie, zmiana trasy, ani konkurencję i trasy anulowania lub konkurencji w czasie jego trwania nie stanowi podstawy do zwrotu wpisowego.

13) In case of cancellation the Event before it’s start the Competitors are entitled to refund of entry fee.

14) Packets with the ordered t-shirt can be picked up only in the Competition Office during registration.


As part of the entry fee organizer provides:

  • marking of routes
  • admission fee to the Giant Mountains National Park
  • a route map
  • electronic timing
  • medal or  souvenir badge for all who completed the run;
  • a commemorative starting number;
  • medical coverage and Mountain Rescue
  • drinks and meals along the route
  • trophies, diplomas and awards for the best


In all races will be conducted an OPEN classification for Women and Men.


  • mobile phone
  • ID card
  • 1 liter of any drink
  • route map
  • water bottle or reusable cup
  • sports shoes allow safe movement in mountainous terrain
  • reserve food sufficient  to the next point nutritional
  • starting number on the front of the body in a visible place


  • jacket or other raincover
  • trekking poles
  • first aid kit
  • cap or headscarf
  • sunglasses


1) For security reasons in agreement with the Mountain Rescue The Organiser may change or shorten the route, and in the case of extreme weather conditions cancel the event.

2) Competitors are required to comply with the rules prevailing in the hiking trails and public roads.

3) In case of injury or an accident – you should  call the emergency number specified  during the registration process and await the arrival of rescuers after a pass approximate location.

4) In case of cancellation of the competition during it lasts You should immediately

notify the organiser. Otherwise, the competitor will pay the costs of any search action.

5) In case of resignation of the competition, organiser does not provide transportation to the base.

6) Competitors insure themselves against accidents on their own.

7) Each competitor deciding to participate in the competition certifies that he understands potential threats to life and health connected with participation in the difficult mountain ultra-marathon run. At the same time competitor accepts responsibility for any damage to health and life caused during the event, and not due to the negligence of the organiser.

8) The runner starting in the ultra-marathon “3 x Śnieżka – 1 x Mont Blanc” agrees to use his image in order to promote the event, and the processing of personal data provided in the application to the extent necessary to carry out the competition.

9) The Organiser does not provide accommodation.

10) The Organiser reserves the right to change the regulations, about which is obliged to inform all participants before the event by the message on the event’s website.

11) Competitor has the right of lodging a protest after paying bail of 200

PLN, not later than two hours after the Competition has finished. Protests will be

considered by the Regulation Committee appointed by the Organiser.

12) The binding and final interpretation of these regulations shall belong exclusively to Organisers.

Karpacz 15th of November 2016




I declare, that I have read Regulations of ultra-marathon : “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc” and commit myself to comply with.

I declare that I am physically prepared, healthy and able to participate in ultra-marathon “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc” and that I take part at my own risk.

I declare that I participate in ultra-marathon “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc” at my own risk, aware of possible threats to my health and life.

I declare, that I have known the road traffic regulations and I commit myself to moving around on public roads in accordance with these regulations and in the manner prescribed or ordered by the Organizers.

I release from any responsibility the Organiser, executives, administrators, those responsible according to competence, officials, volunteers, benefit recipients in case of losses, injury, damage to health or damages arising out of my participation in the ultra-marathon “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc”.

I agree that all disputes and controversies associated with the ultra-marathon “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc” are settled by the Organising Committee, the provisions of which are final and binding.

I will not take any issues or claims, I will not start any judicial procedure and I will not ask for any compensation or redress before the courts.

I agree to process my personal data for purposes connected with the organization ultra-maratonu “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc”.

I agree to the recording, photographing and the use of my data and the image now and in the future by the Organisers of ultra-maratonu “3 x Śnieżka = 1 x Mont Blanc” for the purposes of classification and promotion.

Karpacz, on ……………………………

First name and last name ……………………………………………….

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